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Vinay Singh has spent his entire career at the intersection of media, finance, and technology and is passionate about empowering creators and entrepreneurs. As a producer and executive, Vinay has worked across a wide array of formats, and was instrumental in shepherding in the digital
filmmaking and distribution era.


As CEO, Vinay oversees Archer Gray’s growing, multi-faceted media business, focusing
particularly on leveraging the Archer Gray platform to surface unique perspectives and diverse talent.


Vinay joined Archer Gray in 2015 as Partner and COO, during which time he led the firm’s
venture capital and content finance businesses. In addition to managing Archer Gray’s investment portfolio and strategy, he oversaw the firm’s corporate strategy and operations.


During this time, Vinay directed investments in disruptive media companies including ShareGrid, Inked Brands, and Veritonic; films such as Michael Moore’s Where To Invade Next and SXSW award-winner Transmilitary; and theater productions including The Elephant Man. He serves as board director for Inked Brands.

Vinay is also a Venture Partner at Anthemis, a leading venture investment firm. He was previously a Managing Director at the firm, where he crafted the firm’s media investment thesis with a focus on entertainment, future of work, and virtual economies. While there, Vinay led numerous investments including Kasheesh, Pack Digital and Project Admission. He continues to serve as board director for Anthemis portfolio companies Daylight, Project Admission, and Swaypay.


Vinay started his career at McKinsey & Company, where he focused on the media sector. Subsequently, Vinay led the corporate consulting division of Cinetic Media, where he managed an international client portfolio of growth-stage startups and media companies.


Vinay graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with degrees in Finance and Engineering.


He has served on the boards of Rooftop Films, the Made in NY Media Center, and EFM Innovation Platform. Vinay was recognized by Variety in 2018 as one of Hollywood’s New Leaders.


Favorite film:
The Blues Brothers (dir: John Landis). The perfect trifecta of three elements I love dearly: great music, SNL, and 80s absurdist humor.

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